Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Is This Helmet Ready Stock?
Nope, our helmet are made by order. So, once the order is placed, the process begin.
Where Your Store Located?
We are currently based in Indonesia (FYI BALI is in Indonesia). Actually we don't have store, we just have workshop in Luwu, South Sulawesi. We only sale our product through online store. We already up and running this business since 2014.
Our Workshop Take Place
How Long does it take to Process a Helmet?
The process took 16-28 days (depends on queue) + shipping usually 5-7days (we give tracking code), we always give updates to our customer, so dont you worry.
Do We Provide the Helmet or is it Included?
We provide the helmet, the price included the helmet. So all you have to do is choose which helmet you want to order, and then choose the design / color you want, thats all.
Does This helmet DOT or SNELL approved??
Yes, mostly we are using helmets from brand NHK Helmet. NHK helmets are produce with the best material that has been adjusted with high security standards, in addition NHK helmets have also been through several tests & product testing, so that NHK helmets have passed the test and already approved by SNI, DOT ECE and some NHK helmets have met the SNELL standard.
Can you do Custom Designs??
Sure, but it takes more time (roughly 1,5-2 month), more expensive (due to make new mold, etc.) and require to fast feedback between our team and you (buyer that order).
Our Small Workshop
Can We Put Custom Logo or Pictures on The Helmet?
Yes you can! but it will need to be verified by our crew and also it will need extra payments. Please Contact our support to discuss this.
Do You Shipped Worldwide??
Yes, Hundreds of our customers are global. We already shipped to USA, Canada, Taiwan, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia etc
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